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Year 4


Autumn Term 2: I am Warrior!





utumn Term 1: Potions

The Y4 children created their own potions bottles using clay.
img_5629 img_5628 img_5627 img_5626 img_5625 img_5624 img_5623 img_5621 img_5622 img_5620 img_5619 img_5618 img_5617 img_5616 img_5615 img_5614 img_5613 img_5612


We worked on the field to find out about the different states of matter: solids, liquids and gases.
img_5635 img_5634 img_5633 img_5632


The Year 4 children investigated the viscosity of different liquids by timing how long it took each liquid to get to the bottom of the drainpipe!
img_2757 img_2756 img_2755 img_2754 img_2753 img_2752 img_2751 img_2750 img_2749 img_2748 img_2747 img_2746 img_2745 img_2744


We mixed vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to create a chemical reaction, and caught the gas in balloons.
img_3093 img_3094 img_3095 img_3097 img_3098 img_3099 img_3100 img_3101 img_3102 img_3103 img_3104 img_3105 img_3106img_3116img_3117img_3118img_3119img_3120img_3121img_3112img_3113img_3114img_3115img_3122img_3123img_3124img_3125img_3126img_3127img_3128img_3129img_3130img_3131

We used the Numicon shapes to create symmetrical patterns.
img_5804 img_5803 img_5802 img_5801 img_5800 img_5799 img_5798 img_5797 img_5796 img_5795 img_5794 img_5793 img_5791 img_5790 img_5789 img_5788 img_5787 img_5786


Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 14.44.39


The Year 4 children created coloured pencil and watercolour drawings of different sea creatures in art.
IMG_0002 IMG_0001gemgem 1gem 2gem 3gem 4






Year 4’s Potions topic saw them finding out all about solids, liquids and gases, as well as chemical reactions.
IMG_7129 IMG_7130 IMG_7131 IMG_7133 IMG_7132 IMG_7134 IMG_7135 IMG_7137 IMG_7136

In their topic Burps, Bottoms and Bile, the Year 4 children have been finding out interesting (but disgusting) things about our bodies!
IMG_7106 IMG_7107 IMG_7108 IMG_7109 IMG_7110
They also looked at the amount of sugar in their favourite drinks.
IMG_7128 IMG_7127 IMG_7121 IMG_7122 IMG_7123 IMG_7124 IMG_7125 IMG_7126 IMG_7112 IMG_7113 IMG_7114 IMG_7115 IMG_7116 IMG_7120 IMG_7119 IMG_7118 IMG_7117


Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 20.29.22

Year Four children have been finding out all about the vikings in their topic, Traders and Raiders. They visited Summerhill:

They found out about Boudica, drew pictures of her, and drew pictures of Viking long boats:
gem 6 gem 7 gem 5gem 8 gem 9 gem 10



The Year 4 children created their very own Roman shields:
IMG_3811 IMG_3810 IMG_3808 IMG_3807 IMG_3806 IMG_3805 IMG_3804 IMG_3803 IMG_3802 IMG_3801 IMG_3800 IMG_3799 IMG_3798 IMG_3797 IMG_3796 IMG_3795 IMG_3794 IMG_3793


Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 14.33.30
As part of their topic, Road Trip USA, Year 4 completed a number of exciting tasks including Native American crafts; building teepees; and they also had a visit to a local American Diner!
PicCollage IMG_3486 IMG_3485


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