• Head of School: Mrs Maxine Newbury
  • Tel: 01429 274711

Reading Committee

The Reading Committee was set up in Spring 2015. Initially, the children have been asked to help set up our new library area, but in the long-term, they will be in charge of the library, being librarians and carrying out a variety of tasks. These tasks will include: looking after the books; ensuring younger children are selecting appropriate books; encouraging children to enjoy reading.


Reading Committee report:
We went to Seven Stories and we got lots of new exiting books for each new year group that the old years have enjoyed. We had lots of ideas about how to entertain the little children to come and sit with a picture book. We thought of a story telling area with puppets and a story teller for the smaller children. For older children we thought of things like diary of a wimpy kid and Harry potter. We tried to think of thing we liked and we didn’t like because everyone Is different and we didn’t just want to have books we liked . We also got pop up books and Grimm’s fairy tales so if you want a Certain book you can look for it . We are keeping of our themes with an ocean art on the wall and book characters. We chose fiction and non-fiction books so you can switch between the two. Reception children can sit and listen to an older child read a story book from there selection. There’s a range of stories and tales for any year group. We tried to get books from the year group’s author of the term so they could see or compare what the other books look and sound like. We also got feeling books with different fabrics in to feel we got these books for nursery and reception. We also thought of an art and craft area we could let a group at a a time come in and focus on one thing we could make with one or two of the library comity helping show them what to do. We are getting new furniture for people to sit on and get into a book. There will be a library club for each class to come to on a lunch time to hear a story or read a story. 


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